No matter what your business, you must get paid. Most of your customers pay on time; however, some always fall behind. I devote a sizeable amount of my practice to the collection of business debts.

Proper documentation of your claim makes collection simpler and easier. If possible, all your business dealing should be reduced to a contract signed by all parties. Again, if possible, the contract should provide for attorneys fees and costs to be collected if the matter must be taken to court. Your agreement should be signed by a qualified representative of the customer.

I have found that the best way to collect money from a delinquent customer is to communicate promptly and in a professional fashion. I do not use high-pressure tactics or emotional threats. If an informal settlement is not obtained, I move quickly and economically to file suit.

I typically cover Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Pickens, and Oconee Counties. For some well established clients I cover a wider area, sometimes the entire State. Fees rarely exceed 25% of any amount recovered.


One of the modern trends in the law is away from the traditional lawsuit and toward alternative dispute resolution—arbitration and mediation, (A & M). The reasons include time and cost savings and the control which A & M allow the participants to keep over their business interests.

I encourage clients to use A & M to achieve efficient and economical solutions to their problems.I am a certified civil court mediator and has also been extensively trained in family court mediation. I have successfully represented clients in numerous arbitrations and mediations. A & M is an important tool in our box of solutions to your problems.


A mechanic’s lien is a legal method for people to recover the money owed to them. The requirements for this lien are very technical and if they are not followed, the lien is no good. For example, the lien must be correctly filed or served within 90 days of the last work done or materials supplied on the project. A mechanic’s lien may not be the best way to collect your money; its effective use depends on the facts of the individual case.

I review each fact situation and counsel clients as to whether filing a mechanic’s lien will help recover the money they are owed. If I decide it is the proper method to use, I concentrate on the details to make sure the lien survives legal challenges.


You bought or sold a house with a hidden defect. Your new garage intrudes a foot onto your cranky neighbor’s property, or his intrudes on yours. You bought a house at a tax sale and now you can’t sell it. Some people in your homeowners’ association won’t pay their assessments.

I represent people and companies with real estate-related problems such as these. I focus on finding fair and economical solutions for these difficult situations.

Many times a lawsuit is not necessary and I try to negotiate a settlement in my client’s interest. If suit is required, I have the experience and the willingness to take your case to court. I will give you my best advice every step of the way and will make sure you are well informed so that you can make smart decisions. If trial is necessary, I will make sure you are prepared.


People who have purchased real estate at tax sales need to convert their tax titles into full, marketable titles in order to be able to sell the property for its highest value. I am able to efficiently handle the legal process for converting these tax titles to full titles. This process is known as a “Quiet Title” action. This process can be complicated, but I have successfully handled several such cases, enjoy handling this type of litigation, and can help you enhance the value of your property for an economical price.